Johnny Appleseed-14

Cider & Mead

Made from scratch downstairs from regional ingredients $7 | 9 oz

Hive & Vines

a pyment (mead+grapes) made with a combination of orange blossom honey and early harvest Riesling grapes; tasting notes of honey, tangerine and peach | 10% ABV

Sweet Mead

mead made with wildflower honey and aged for more than two years; tasting notes of caramel, vanilla, toasted coconut | 14% ABV


tart cider co-fermented with pomegranate and blood orange; notes of grapefruit, marmalade, cranberry | 6.5% ABV


off-dry with fresh and dry ginger; notes of lemongrass, coriander and kaffir lime | 7% ABV

Oaked & Wild

hazy and sour, wild fermented; 3 months aged; notes of vanilla & spices | 9.5% ABV

Apples & Honey

notes of caramel, apricot, preserved lemon | 7.5% ABV

Apple Brandy Finished

notes of green apple, grapefruit, earth | 7% ABV


off-dry, tart, bright, full bodied traditional cider | 8% ABV

Hey Sweetie

candied apple, vanilla, and tropical fruit | 5% ABV

Bouquet de Rosé

very pink rosé cider; hibiscus and rose hips, effervescent | 7% ABV

Sweet Cherry

maraschino cherry, almond, & floral notes | 8% ABV

Sweet Raspberry

Knickerbocker Tavern partnership, notes of berry pie, white wine and lemon | 7% ABV

Sweet Guava

Tropical; notes of strawberry, pear, & mango | 6.5% ABV


tart apple, without the bitterness of an IPA | 8% ABV

Northern Spy

single varietal dry cider; tropical, floral, peachy | 7.1% ABV

Perry the Pear

Bosc and D’anjou pears; Crisp with notes of Honeysuckle, orange peel, and apricot | 5.5% ABV

Sweet Peach

Notes of stone fruit, green apple, and peach cobbler | 7% ABV

Sweet Cranberry

balanced sweet-tart flavor with bright red fruit and citrus notes | 7% A BV


notes of mango and watermelon | 6.5% ABV


notes of citrus, gooseberry, currant, passionfruit | 7.5% ABV


a seasonal favorite; notes of baked apple, pie spice, raisin | 7% ABV


spicy and sweet, buckwheat honey, notes of warming spices | 6.5% ABV

Strawberry Rhubarb

notes of strawberry jam, lemon curd, green apple | 7% ABV



3oz Pours

Foundations Flight 

Farmhouse, Dry, Bouquet de Rose, Hey Sweetie  |  $10

Flight of the Bees

Apples & Honey, Sweet Mead, Hive & Vine  |  $11

Build Your Own

Choose any four from the above list! | $12


100% Pennsylvania brewed / 16 oz Draft / 12 oz can/bottle*


Freaky Peach*

Troegs | sour ale aged in Wigle Bourbon Barrels |  7.5% ABV  |  $15

Penn Pilsner*

Penn Brewery | pilsner | 5% Abv  | $7

Sour Monkey*

Victory  | sour tripel brewed with Belgian yeast |  9.5% ABV  |  $8


The Black Pearl

Wigle spiced rum, Maggie’s Farm falernum, aromatic bitters, mole bitters, lime, ginger cider, cherry garnish | $12

Old Fashioned

Wigle Rye, simple syrup, & Wigle orange bitters | $10

The Beekeper

Wigle gin, lemon, mead, egg white, Wigle aromatic & mole bitters, rose garnish | $10 

Seasonal Cocktails

Mulled Cider

Wigle bourbon, ginger, spices, orange, sweet cider | $8

Thread Roger’s Cozy Sweater

Wigle rum, vanilla ice cream, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar  | $10

Alcohol Free Beverages

Sweet Cider

The Juice before we ferment it! | $3


Birch Beer, Cola, Ginger Beer, Vanilla Cream | $3

La Croix

Ask us about Available Flavors! | $3



garlic, fresh herbs, and cheese on sourdough breadsticks    $9

Pickled Platter

Whiskey barrel fermented pickles, seasonal veggies, and crackers    $11


A crust made without gluten is available upon request (contains egg).

Roasted Turkey

cheese blend, gravy base, roast turkey, sweet potato, onion and cranberry drizzle, fresh herbs   $20


cheese blend, tomato sauce, local pepperoni  $14

Three Cheese

mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, tomato sauce, herbed olive oil drizzle $12

Sweet Heat

cheese blend, tomato sauce, pepperoni, pickled jalapeño, onion, honey drizzle   $16

Roasted Apple

cheese blend, fresh apples, capicola, red onion, rosemary, cider syrup drizzle  $15

Veggie Supreme

cheese blend, tomato sauce, red onion, olive, mushroom, roasted pepper  $16

Salad Pizza

cheese blend, chopped romaine, radish, roasted shallot vinaigrette   $13


Spiced Black Tea Cake

 Black tea and spice flavored cake, vanilla ice cream, honey drizzle $3


scratch chocolate chip oatmeal cookie    $3

All parties of 6 and above will be placed on a single check!

*Made with Raw eggs. Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness
*All pizzas come with a mozzarella/provolone cheese blend unless otherwise stated

The Cider House menu changes often as we use local seasonal produce, cheeses, and meats!
Brunch available on Sunday only!