[off dry, tart, bright, full bodied] | 8% ABV

Hey Sweetie

[candied apple, vanilla, tropical fruit] | 5% ABV

Bouquet de Rose

[pink, hibiscus, rose hips] | 7% ABV


[baked apple, pie spice, raisin] | 7% ABV

Sweet Cherry

[maraschino cherry, almond, floral] | 8% ABV

Sweet Raspberry

[berry pie, white wine, lemon] | 7% ABV

Sweet Guava

[strawberry, pear, mango] | 6.5% ABV

Foraged Mulberry

[off-dry, tart, ripe fruit] | 7.1% ABV

Sweet Mead

[caramel, vanilla, oak] | 12.5% ABV


[crisp, tart, traditional dry cider] | 7.5% ABV


[dry, citrus-y, sharp apple finish] | 7.5% ABV

412 City Cider

[tart, stone fruit, grassy, barnyard nose] | 6.2% ABV

Northern Spy

[tropical, floral, peachy] | 7.1% ABV


[margarita inspired, honey, lime zest] | 6% ABV

Oaked & Wild

[fruity, funky, rye whiskey barrel aged] | 9.5% ABV

Bourbon Barrel Reserve

[sherry, honey, caramel] | 8% ABV


Cider House Cocktails

Old Fashioned

wigle rye whiskey, sugar, pomander orange bitters

Butterfly Pea G&T

wigle butterfly pea infused gin, red ribbon tonic, lemon

Peter Rabbit

wigle rye, carrot juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, northern spy cider

Spring Garden Spritz

northern spy cider, cherry juice, lemon juice

Pennsylvania Beer

We’ve got an ever changing selection of exclusively Pennsylvania beer on tap. You’ll be sure to find a wide variety of experimental, seasonal, light, and dark brews from across the keystone state.