Made from scratch downstairs from regional ingredients $7 per 9 oz pour


[off dry, tart, bright, full bodied] | 8% ABV

Hey Sweetie

[candied apple, vanilla, tropical fruit] | 5% ABV

Bouquet de Rose

[pink, hibiscus, rose hips] | 7% ABV


[baked apple, pie spice, raisin] | 7% ABV

Sweet Cherry

[maraschino cherry, almond, floral] | 8% ABV

Sweet Raspberry

[berry pie, white wine, lemon] | 7% ABV

Sweet Guava

[strawberry, pear, mango] | 6.5% ABV

Foraged Mulberry

[off-dry, tart, ripe fruit] | 7.1% ABV

Sweet Mead

[caramel, vanilla, oak] | 12.5% ABV


[dry, citrus-y, sharp apple finish] | 7.5% ABV

Northern Spy

[tropical, floral, peachy] | 7.1% ABV

Perry the Pear

[bosc & d’anjou pears, honeysuckle, orange peel, apricot] | 5.5% ABV

Sweet Peach

[stone fruit, green apple, peach cobbler] | 7% ABV

Sweet Pineapple

[el dorado hops, mango, watermelon | 6.5% ABV

Sweet Cranberry

[sweet-tart, bright red, citrus] | 7% ABV


[knickerbocker tavern partnership, grapefruit and cherry] | 6.5% ABV


Cider Flights

All flights have four 3 oz pours.


Dry, Farmhouse, Bouquet de Rose, Hey Sweetie $10


Sweet Peach, Sweet Raspberry, Sweet Guava, Sweet Cherry $11


Northern Spy, Perry the Pear, Hopped, Sweet Mead $12

Build Your Own

Choose any four ciders from the draft list! $12

Mimosa Flight

*Sunday Brunch only* Sweet Guava + Mango Juice, Bouquet de Rose + Grapefruit Juice, Farmhouse + Cranberry Juice, Northern Spy + Orange Juice $12

Cider House Cocktails

Thread Rodgers

*limited time* hot buttered rum made with Wigle Landlocked Spiced Rum $8

The Beekeeper

Wigle Gin, Sweet Mead, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white, bitters $10

Disco Lemonade

Wigle PA Straight Bourbon, Wigle Saffron Amaro, Wigle Rosemary Lavender bitters, Northern Spy Cider $9

Alice Kramden

Wigle PA Straight Bourbon, Maggie’s Farm Falernum, lemon juice, egg white $10


Wigle Gin, sugar, lime juice, Dry Cider $10

Old Fashioned

Wigle PA Straight Rye, sugar, Wigle Pomander Orange bitters $10

Pennsylvania Beer

We’ve got an ever changing selection of exclusively Pennsylvania beer on tap. You’ll be sure to find a wide variety of experimental, seasonal, light, and dark brews from across the keystone state.