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Pick up one of these 6 bottle bundles for a whopping $33 off the regular price. See below for details for more information on each.

Farmhouse Cider

A pleasantly sweet and tart cider with a bright finish. Carbonated to have delicate tiny bubbles with just enough effervescence.

Yeast: isolated from english cider presses

Tasting Notes: sweet, tart, vanilla, baking spice, ripe fruit, nuttiness, honey, mineral finish

Sweetness: off-dry | 2% residual sugar

Alc/Vol: 8%

Bouquet de Rosé Cider

Bouquet de Rosé is a modern interpretation of a rosé. A semi-dry cider, Bouquet de Rosé gets its beautiful pink hue from rose hips and hibiscus flowers and has a balanced palette with lemony tartness and a hint of sweetness. Summer fruit and black pepper notes with a floral bouquet.

Yeast: white wine yeast selected to enhance the fruity and floral esters as well as tropical fruit aromas

Tasting Notes: tart lemon, summer fruit, honey, bright

Botanicals: rose hips, hibiscus

Sweetness: off-dry | 3% residual sugar

Alc/Vol: 7%

Hey Sweetie Cider

Made from a custom blend of local apples, this sweet cider delivers with apple pie sweetness and a balanced palate of fruit, caramel, candied apple, and vanilla. To capture the ripe apple notes, we used a South African wine yeast, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Tasting Notes: sweet, tart, vanilla, baking spice, ripe fruit, nuttiness, honey, mineral finish

Sweetness: sweet | 5% residual sugar

Alc/Vol: 6%

Perry the Pear Cider

To make Perry the Pear, we start with a blend of locally grown and pressed Bosc and D’anjou pears and ferment their juices with fruity white wine yeast to produce a naturally off-dry perry. Peary the Pear is quite delicate and pours with a brilliant straw color and crisp carbonation.

Yeast: white wine yeast

Tasting Notes: honeysuckle, orange peel, apricot

Sweetness: off-dry

Alc/Vol: 5.5%


Oaked & Wild

Oaked & Wild Cider is an expression of local microflora. The fermentation process, which utilizes wild yeast, results in a hazy and dynamic cider that is unfiltered and funky. Aged for three months in small cask Wigle Whiskey barrels, the cider picks up vanilla and spice characteristics while also continuing to develop sourness.

Yeast: wild type and local microflora

Tasting Notes: unfiltered, hazy, sour, vanilla, spice

Acetic: sour with slight acetic bite

Barreled: aged in 25 gallon rye whiskey barrels

Sweetness: dry | 0% residual sugar

Alc/Vol: 9.5%


Spiced is made from a blend of freshly pressed tart early harvest apples and spiced with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove. The combination of these tart apples and the sweet aromatic baking spices remind us of a beautifully baked apple pie.

Yeast: house english yeast

Tasting Notes: woodsy, baked apple, pie spice

Botanicals: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove

Sweetness: off-dry | 3% residual sugar

Alc/Vol: 7%