The Summer Pack


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Pick up one of these 3 bottle packs that include one of each of our most refreshing summer ciders. Details on each below.


A crisp and tart traditional dry apple cider inspired by our own region’s cider-making heritage. Made wild-type yeast varieties to enhance the mouthfeel and contribute unique white wine characteristics, this is the cider that is closest to what Johnny would have enjoyed!

Yeast: bottle conditioned, lees on the bottom, blend of wild type and white wine yeast

Tasting Notes: crisp, tart, minerality

Sweetness: dry | 0% residual sugar

Alc/Vol: 7.5%

Bouquet de Rosé Cider

Bouquet de Rosé is a modern interpretation of a rosé. A semi-dry cider, Bouquet de Rosé gets its beautiful pink hue from rose hips and hibiscus flowers and has a balanced palette with lemony tartness and a hint of sweetness. Summer fruit and black pepper notes with a floral bouquet.

Yeast: white wine yeast selected to enhance the fruity and floral esters as well as tropical fruit aromas

Tasting Notes: tart lemon, summer fruit, honey, bright

Botanicals: rose hips, hibiscus

Sweetness: off-dry | 3% residual sugar

Alc/Vol: 7%

Hey Sweetie Cider

Made from a custom blend of local apples, this sweet cider delivers with apple pie sweetness and a balanced palate of fruit, caramel, candied apple, and vanilla. To capture the ripe apple notes, we used a South African wine yeast, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Tasting Notes: sweet, tart, vanilla, baking spice, ripe fruit, nuttiness, honey, mineral finish

Sweetness: sweet | 5% residual sugar

Alc/Vol: 6%